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UC Business School Early Career Research Awards

The University of Canterbury Early Career Research Awards recognise the outstanding work and achievements of up-and-coming academics in their specialist field.

Dr Girish Prayag

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Dr Girish Prayag

In 2014 Dr Girish Prayag, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, received the School of Business and Economics Early Career Research Award. In 2015 Girish received the UC Early and Emerging Career Researcher Award. These are outstanding achievements that recognise Girish's research as being of the higest international quality.

Since achieving his PhD in 2009 Girish has demonstrated outstanding contributions to the University’s research environment, through the quality of his publications, contributions via academic service as well as assistance in the development of a positive research culture.

Girish completed his PhD in 2009 from the University of Waikato and held a full-time academic position at  SKEMA Business School, France prior to joining the University of Canterbury in 2013 as a Lecturer. His research interests are related to place experiences (e.g. branding, marketing, service delivery) and the emotional aspects of consumption with a focus upon the airline, tourism and hospitality industries. His work is published in leading international marketing and tourism journals such as Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Management, Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research and Current Issues in Tourism.   

Since 2007, Girish has published 33 journal articles, including 5 A* and 16 A ranked journals (based on the ABDC rankings), 10 Book Chapters and given numerous conference presentations. Beyond his research output, Girish has also been part of, or been the Principal Investigator on 6 externally funded projects, including a €440,000 project on service design in tourism. 

Some of Girish’s research achievements include:

  • Winner of Best Conference Paper at CAUTHE 2014 in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Winner of Best Conference Paper at 4th Asia-Euro Conference on Tourism, Hospitality & Gastronomy Conference at Taylor’s University (Malaysia) in 2012
  • Winner of Best Conference Paper at New Zealand Tourism & Hospitality Research Conference at Auckland University of Technology in 2010
  • Emerald Winner for Outstanding Reviewer (International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management) in 2009.

This external recognition of his work is testament to his ability and the reputation he brings to the University of Canterbury.  Beyond awards, Girish’s work has been cited 341 times (335 citations since 2009). He has an h-Index of 10 and his work continues to be popular in the tourism and marketing fields with citations increasing year on year since 2009

Girish has also contributed to graduate student supervision and development both at SKEMA and at UC.  He is currently a joint supervisor for two PhD projects and one Masters dissertation.

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