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Research by the School of Business and Economics not only informs teaching, it is often a part of student learning, and postgraduate students regularly are part of enquiries and projects. It also leads to publications in various academic, professional and popular forums. Our staff regularly present papers at academic conferences in New Zealand and overseas.

Accounting and Information Systems Research
Economics and Finance Research
Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Research

Thesis in Three Competition

The 2014 College round of the 'Thesis in Three' competition was held on 13 August. PhD and Masters students gave a three minute presentation to describe their thesis research with only a single PowerPoint slide permitted. The standard was high with 11 students competing. The top three college students were:

  • Matt Scobie (ACIS) 'A critical discourse analysis of the deep-sea oil drilling arena in New Zealand. (First Prize $1000)
  • Tracy Hatton (ACIS) 'Business recovery from disaster.' (Second Prize $500)
  • Toni Collins (Law) 'The Canterbury earthquakes and commercial leases - Is there frustration?' (Third Prize $300)

These students went on to compete in the UC finals on 19 August.

New Zealand Experimental Economics Laboratory

The New Zealand Experimental Economics Laboratory (NZEEL) at the University of Canterbury, is the home of cutting edge experimental research and teaching in social science. The laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility with 36 fully partitioned work stations and separate experiment control room.

NZEEL is available for use by UC staff members, visiting researchers and graduate students. For more information visit the website at

Leading and Managing Resilient Organisations (LMRO) research group

The Leading and Managing Resilient Organisations (LMRO) involves specialists from a range of organisational sciences, including strategic management, human resources, organisational behaviour, organisational psychology and organisational change.

The Group assists organisations to become more agile, increasing their ability to adapt to sudden changes, to learn, and continuously improve their performance. Through our research and partnerships with businesses, we work to create organisations that not only survive but also thrive in a variety of challenging circumstances.

Recent work centres on organisational responses to the major Canterbury seismic events during 2010-2011. This is a rare opportunity to explore resilience processes where organisations have to manage in an extended crisis. Our projects address topics such as the Human Resources challenges, organisational learning during crises, strategic framing; we are also conducting major projects aimed at increasing the resilience of infrastructure organisations.

The Group is part of the broader Resilient Organisations research programme, contributing our expertise in the areas of organisational studies and people management.

Leading and Managing Resilient Organisations (LMRO) research group
Research base: College of Business and Law, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone: +64 (3) 364 2987 ext 8619 / 8621

Dr Venkataraman Nilakant
Dr Bernard Walker

For more information on the team and Resilient Organisations visit:


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