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Marliese Liyanage BCom in Management and Marketing
Retail and Business Banking Graduate, ASB Future Me Graduate Programme
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UC Business School offers a range of qualifications at every level

Whether you are considering undergraduate or postgraduate study, UC Business School is committed to teaching and research excellence that will provide you with qualifications that prepare you for today's business world and beyond. Check out our business qualifications.

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

If you are starting out in tertiary study, our Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) has 12 major subjects to choose from and is the perfect way to start your journey in business.

Find out more about the major subjects offered at UC

Accounting International Business
Business Economics Management
Economics Marketing
Finance Operations and Supply Chain Management
Human Resource Management Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Information Systems Taxation and Accounting

BCom students have the option of competing a minor in a subject from the BCom degree schedule or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree schedule. This allows you to complement your major subject with study in a different discipline (called a 'minor').

Bachelor of Commerce with Honours

The Bachelor of Commerce with Honours (BCom(Hons)) is for high-achieving students with a relevant Bachelor's degree. There is a choice of seven subjects available: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Taxation and Accounting. The BCom(Hons) comprises one year of coursework (between six and nine courses) and takes one year of full-time study or up to four years of part-time study.

Certificate in Commerce

The Certificate in Commerce (CertCom) is a great option if you want to add commerce courses alongside your non-commerce degree, or simply want to learn more about some commerce subjects for interest or your professional development. The certificate is made up of four standard courses (a minimum of 60 points) from any course in the Bachelor of Commerce Schedule C in the following subject areas: Accounting, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management and Marketing. Depending on your study background, this may entail first-year courses or a mix of advanced courses. The CertCom can be studied part-time and completed in up to four years.

Graduate Diplomas

Graduate diplomas are suitable for anyone who has a bachelors degree in a non-Commerce area and wants to expand their knowledge in a business-related discipline. They offer you an opportunity to complement and extend your undergraduate studies based on your interests and career goals. They are also suitable for anyone with a commerce background who seeks further study their subject, or those who graduated some time ago and are now looking to update their knowledge and skills.

Master's and Postgraduate qualifications

The Master of Commerce and PhD are ways of advancing your understanding and expertise in your undergraduate major. Taught master's enable you to undertake study in a new professional area and gain valuable business knowledge and skills. Postgraduate diplomas are ideal for professional development allowing you to gain additional skills and a recognised qualification within a short period of study.

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