Marketing major degree plan - BCom - College of Business and Economics - University of Canterbury

BCom - Marketing major degree plan

This plan shows the typical degree structure for the BCom Marketing major and satisfies all points, course and level requirements. Courses are organised by year to ensure you meet 200 and 300-level course prerequisites. When a course is offered in both semesters you can choose which semester you want to complete it in. To maintain a balanced workload, it is desirable to complete four courses each semester.

Year 3 Select 60 points from MKTG 300 level 300 level 300 level 200 level 200 level

Year 2

MKTG 201

MKTG 202

MKTG 204

MKTG 205
or MKTG 230

200 level

200 level

200 level

100 level

Year 1

ACCT 102

ECON 104
or ECON 199

INFO 123

MGMT 100

MKTG 100

STAT 101

100 level

100 level



Marketing required courses

  Other Commerce courses

Courses from Commerce or other degrees

Each standard-size block represents a 15-point course.

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