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Bachelor of Commerce Minors can increase your breadth of knowledge

Studying business at UC just got more flexible with the introduction of minors to the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree. BCom students have the option of completing a minor in a subject from the BCom degree schedule or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree schedule. This allows you to complement your major subject with study in a different discipline (called a 'minor'). A BCom minor can increase breadth of knowledge at an undergraduate level, and potentially employability.

Take the right minors and courses for your degree

If you plan to include a minor in your BCom degree, check the table below to ensure you are taking the right courses required at each stage of your degree to complete a minor in that subject. Our Student Advisors can help you with planning your Bachelor of Commerce undergraduate degree, so make sure you talk to them about your degree programme and check you are on the right study pathway for you.


  1. Any course at 300-level may contribute to only one major or minor.
  2. Any course at 200-level credited to a minor cannot also be credited to a major or another minor. 
  3. Where the same course is required for more than one major or minor, a substitute course (approved by the Dean of Commerce) will be required.

BCom Minor subjects

Courses required for the minor


Minor Guide (PDF, 141KB)

Business and Sustainability

Minor Guide (PDF, 139KB)


Minor Guide(PDF, 136KB)


Minor Guide (PDF, 130KB)


Minor Guide (PDF, 137KB)

Human Resource Management

Minor Guide (PDF, 131KB)

Information Systems

Minor Guide (PDF, 141KB)

International Business

Minor Guide (PDF, 129KB)


Minor Guide (PDF, 130KB)

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Minor Guide (PDF, 132KB)


Minor Guide (PDF, 129KB)

Consider adding an Arts Minor and courses to your degree

As well as the BCom minors, you can also take a minor from the Bachelor of Arts as part of your BCom. This is a good option for adding a language, media and communications, or any other arts course. See the Bachelor of Arts webpage for details on these minors.

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